my external HDD (used for TM backups and some other stuff) suddenly stopped working with my MBP 2017 (Sierra 10.12.6). I can see it only through the Terminal (see screenshot 1)

Screenshot 1

DiskUtility won't load when this particular HDD is plugged. I have also tried several diskutil command lines:

verifyVolume & repairVolume Screenshot 2

verifyDisk Screenshot 3

repairDisk Screenshot 4

Did not perform the last one, cause I really don't want to lose my data. Tested on two Windows machines with Apple_HFS driver. Driver was found and data are just fine and readable.

Someone with an idea how to fix this without losing data? Any help will be appreciated!

  • If you don't want to lose the data, why aren't you backing it up? – Marc Wilson Sep 15 '18 at 19:52

The problem is solved. I gave it another try in Safe-Mode and voila - my external HDD was visible, so I made "First-Aid" and did a reboot into normal mode back again. Everything seems to be fine now.

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