Is there a way in iOS, using only built-in apps (or other Apple apps like Workflow), to trigger something to happen, for example, once per hour on the hour?

Reminders has repeating only on a day granularity. Setting an alarm requires customizing 24 of them (or more depending on the schedule) individually. Calendar doesn't seem to have a way to mass-set hourly events with auto-alarms. Siri doesn't seem cooperative on this issue. I can't even find anything in Workflow to use as a trigger like this, and Workflow seems require user intervention to trigger. I realize tools like IFTTT can do it, but I'd like to avoid 3rd-party apps for this purpose, don't want to rely on an external server and an internet connection, and don't want to risk not getting the triggers on time.

  • I checked in newly-released iOS 12, and Workflow has become (Siri) Shortcuts. But there still doesn't seem to be any fine-grained time trigger to automatically initiate infinitely-repeating events. – pseudon Sep 19 '18 at 23:18

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