I'm used to using F5 to refresh a webpage in browser. On Mac, I found a way to change the keyboard shortcut for refreshing. Under System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts, I added Google Chrome.app with the Menu Title set to Reload This Page and the Keyboard Shortcut set to F5.

This all went very well, however I would also like to be able to do a hard reload by using Control + F5. I have googled for ages but unable to find a working Menu Title for hard refresh.

Does anyone know how to change the keyboard shortcut for a hard reload, or what the Menu Title for it is?


The Menu Title for hard reload in Google Chrome for macOS is Force Reload This Page with the default keyboard shortcut set to: Shift + Command + r. The Menu Title is revealed when the said key combination are depressed or when you search for matching title under Google Chrome Menu → Help → Search. (as user will not be initially aware of the shortcut.)

Menu Title revealed on key depression:

enter image description here

Menu Title revealed on searching:

enter image description here

When setting the keyboard shortcut, set Menu Title as: Force Reload This Page and register Control + F5 as the intended keyboard shortcut.

Reload This Page:

enter image description here

Force Reload This Page:

enter image description here

Keyboard shortcuts after assignment:

enter image description here

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