I have a large collection of photos on iPhoto (not Photos) and am currently in the process of mounting them in photoviewer on my own website. I have an HTML markup template in an Excel file and have been filling a title column I created by hand, copying and pasting from the iPhoto album.

This is fine for an album of a couple of dozen photos, but I am now faced with a couple of albums of several hundred photos, so I was wondering if there was any way of extracting this from the metadata in iPhotos.

I went into ‘Pictures’, located the ‘iPhoto Library’ did a ‘Show Package Contents’ and opened the ‘AlbumData.xml’ file in a text editor and then in Property List Editor. However the xml format does not make it easy to locate a particular album and then the data for each image is listed separately.

I suppose I could export the files using filenames and then cat them on the Unix command line, but they’d be sorted alphabetically and duplicate names would be altered.

Any better suggestions?

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