Is there a preferred order in which I should reset the NVRAM/PRAM, SMC, and OS on my MBP?

If so, what is this order (and why)?

Edit: I intend to do all of them to completely reset my computer. No need to explain what each does, I know what they do.

  • It’s not clear what completely reset means, but dozens of people ask this so I’ll put a general answer and hope you don’t mind. I’m curious why you’re asking if you know what each does? – bmike Sep 3 '18 at 20:27

Yes, don’t do any of these until you have a very specific reason to do each. They handle entirely different functions so cycling through each of them would be equivalent to not even refining what you want to handle.

Take a medical analogy:

  • bandages are for cuts
  • anti-inflammatory is for swelling
  • anti-pyretic is for fever
  • rest and liquids are for colds
  • antiboitics are for infections

Prescribing the wrong treatment just wastes time and can cause further injury if you’re not treating the actual problem at hand.

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