I've read multiple messages on the subject, but I wondered if anyone had first hand experience (or genuine knowledge one way or another), if it is possible to more than one Apple Developer account?

As far as I know, you can create one for each Apple ID that you have, but I have not been able to find anything that suggests this is not possible (or breaches any rules). Are Apple likely to be bothered as long as you pay the $99/year for each Developer Account?

There is a link here that seems to suggest that it is possible

Would appreciate any comments on the subject.


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    This looks like an XY problem where you're trying to validate a solution. What is the actual issue you're trying to solve?
    – fsb
    Aug 29 '18 at 17:03

Business Entities and Individuals

If you operate a legally recognised business entity, the business can have an account and you can have a personal account. You will need to associate each account with a separate e-mail address.

Consultants and Clients

If you are a consultant, you should consider one account for yourself and one each for your clients.

Personal Experience

I use multiple Apple Developer Accounts. They are associated either with business entities I am associated with, or are personal developer accounts.

As you mention, each account needs to pay the annual fee.

  • Thank you. When you say you use multiple Developer accounts, are they in your own (personal) name, or business names? Thank you.
    – omega1
    Aug 29 '18 at 18:21
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    Businesses names and one in my own name. I do not believe Apple care about the number of personal accounts you are willing to pay for. Aug 29 '18 at 18:36
  • Hi! Is it possible to add alternative email addresses and create a business developer account with the already registered personal developer account under one apple id? I already have a personal developer account, and need to create a developer business account for a company. Can I create it with the company's email address (@company.com) that I have, by adding it to my icloud account, and then later handing over the account (the business developer account) to the company?
    – mk117
    Jun 16 '19 at 10:59
  • @mk117 please could you ask a new question as yours involves moving existing Apple ID addresses to new accounts. I think it is worth asking separately to attract answers from those who may have done this before. Jun 16 '19 at 14:34
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    Ok. I've posted the question here
    – mk117
    Jun 16 '19 at 15:52

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