Over the past few months when my Mac boots up, the grey screen with the apple disappears and is replaced with a unix style console screen, which scrolls like a linux PC booting up.

I have tried reinstalling the OS (10.13.6) (and restoring my account from a Time Machine backup using the Migration Assistant) and booting in Safe Mode.

  • Recovery Mode (Apple-R) - does not appear.
  • Fresh install prior to Time Machine restore - did not appear.
  • Normal boot after Time Machine restore - appears.
  • Safe Mode boot (Shift key) after Time Machine restore - still appears.

Verbose mode is not turned on: sudo nvram -p does not show a boot-args parameter.

Hardware test (booting with D key) shows no issues.

My guess is there is perhaps some kernel driver or add-on that is doing this that was carried over from my time machine restore. What is interesting is this continues even during a Safe Mode boot.

enter image description here

(apologies for the reflections on my screen when I took the image).

I'd like to know if it is possible to fix this without repeating a reformat and reinstall but with more selective Time Machine restores (using trial and error). Thanks in advance!


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I know this may sound silly because it seems like you have a grasp with unix and Macs so you've already done this. try a pram reset and smc reset. I'm thinking something in nvram is doing this right? Could be way off and I know PRAM is so overused for the wrong reasons.

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