I use Apple Music and I have an iPhone on which I’ve made several iTunes playlists. I recently got a MacBook Pro and attempted to transfer the playlists from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro by connecting the iTunes accounts through iCloud. I was surprised to find that only some of my playlists were transferred.

After further searching I realized that only the Playlists on which I had marked ”Show on My Profile and in Search” when I originally created the playlists are linked to my Apple Music account and transferred to my computer. It seems that this option creates two different types of playlists with different options in settings. Example:

The problem is that I can’t seem to find an option to change that setting after creating a playlist? Does this mean I have to completely remake my playlists? Or is there somewhere I can change this setting, or another way to transfer them? I would prefer to be able to have my playlists sync automatically and wirelessly like normal if possible.

Why don’t the playlists transfer when they are part of my iTunes library, even if they aren’t connected to my Apple Music account? It seems rather inconvenient, that if I want my playlists to sync wirelessly then they all have to be a part of my Apple Music account.

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