I have 2 Macs. On one Mac Mini (Mini) I have a shared folder. On the other MacBook Pro (MBP) I try to connect to that shared folder. Both machines are running 10.13.6 high sierra

My questions is, how can I write files to this share as me? (not as some other user)

First off I've disabled access to "Everyone", deleted access to "staff" and set access to me (gregg) as "Read & Write" so that theoretically I should only be able to log in as the person with "Read & Write" permissions

enter image description here

enter image description here

Now if I try to connect to the shared folder I type in my name/password and the MBP connects but it says "connected as: "myicloudaddress@myemail.com"

enter image description here

This makes no sense to me. The Mac Mini is not connected to icloud and never has been so why does my icloud account give me permission to connect to this machine?

enter image description here

On top of that it does it not work. I can't read files owned by me "gregg" that only have permission for "gregg" to read (permissions 700). In a folder that has permissions (766) I can create a folder but that just created folder will not let me write files inside it.

So, related question, how do I prevent MacOS from logging in as an icloud user without turning off icloud on my MBP?

In any case just to see if I can get it to work I log out of icloud on my MBP, disconnect from share, reconnect from share, type in name/pass and now it says I've been connected as "gregg"

enter image description here

This fixes the the ability to create a folder and write files inside but I still can't access files belonging to "gregg" with only read permissions for "gregg"

How do I fix this? (1) be able to connect as "gregg" even with icloud enabled on the client, my MBP and (2) be able to access "gregg"'s files?

Note: once this works I plan to access the shares from non Macs. I also plan to use time machine to a share which Apple says requires SMB so the solution has to be SMB based.

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