I've got an interesting situation on my work Mac. Quite often some particular sites stop loading (one of the examples - msnbc.com). I would get the following error message:

Safari Can’t Open the Page

Safari can’t open the page “‎www.msnbc.com” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.

The only remedy at this point is to go to Safari preference and clear cache/cookies for this particular domain.

Here is various pieces of troubleshooting/triangulation I've tried:

  • This happens on my work Mac, but not on my laptop
  • This doesn't happen in Chrome (although I use it rarely)
  • It is quote often (msnbc.com for example stops working after about a day or so)
  • All updates are installed (High Sierra 10.13.6, Safari 11.1.2)
  • It happens for some particular sites only
  • I do use "Ghostery" ad blocker if it matters
  • Number of affected sites is relatively low (~5?)

Any idea how to fix it once and for all?

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