I read on MacRumors that if I take my mid-2014 (purchased in early 2015) 15" MBP to an Apple store, they may fix the well-known anti-reflective screen coating issue. MacRumors is not an authoritative source, as far as I know, so I'd like to check here as well. Anyone have info on this?

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Apple has a list of current Repair Programs on their website; unfortunately, this one is not listed.

However, a Macworld Article (which references MacRumors) states:

According to MacRumors, Retina MacBook Pro owners affected by this issue will be able to get a free replacement display for up to three years from the original date of purchase or until one year from October 16, 2015—whichever comes last.

So, if you purchased it new in early 2015, you have until "early" 2018 to get it repaired (it sounds like you missed the window).

I would still take it to an Apple store and plead your case; it never hurts to ask.

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