For many people with different chronotypes or works shifts, an effective or net day doesn't end neatly before 12AM - not all people stop doing things and close their eyes magically at midnight.

It would be nice/it would make sense for our Calendar to reflect that.*

Is there a way to have my macOS/iOS Calendar app show me, instead of midnight-to-midnight cycles, something like 1AM-to-1AM cycles? (or 2AM, 3AM, etc.)? That would help many people organize their evenings better, without putting things under the upper fold of the next day (after 12AM) and having to scroll back and forth (which makes things easily missable. Note that showing 24h at a time doesn't quite work because of birthdays, all-day events, etc.

* I know that each column currently represents a vanilla, canonical, standard midnight-to-midnight weekday in a Calendar but, in an alternative visualization, a column could represent more a sleep-to-sleep 24h cycle, which is kind of (but not quite) what a midnight to midnight cycle intends to be.)

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