I bought the new 2018 iPad for my son and I want to buy the crayon as well.

Except that it's not available anywhere I’ve searched (Apple and Amazon) and the blogs say its only available via schools:

It’s not clear to me how can I buy this beautiful gadget. So should I send a note to my son's elementary school?

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    I see this as an exception to the rule about no shopping questions here since it’s widely touted and Apple doesn’t publish education channel details publicly and even if you have a business account, you can’t buy these in August 2018.
    – bmike
    Aug 19, 2018 at 23:44

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After September 12 the crayon for iPad will be for sale to the general public.

Until then it’s still available in the initially exclusive education channel at Apple. That means someone in education needs to purchase it - not that you’d interact with the retail stores, retail app or any online channel as someone shopping the B2C or B2B sales channels.

LOGITECH CRAYON All sales and samples are handled through the Apple Education channel.

• Contact your Apple Education rep for additional details
• Don’t know your rep? Call 1(800) 800 APPLE or find more info at www.apple.com/education/purchasing

More information is available on pricing and dates where other retailers are expected to start carrying this accessory.

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