I've got an Apple Time Capsule that's causing trouble. Whenever I try to connect to its wifi network from my Mac, I get a message "invalid password".

In the Wifi log, this line shows up: Failed to associate to Wi-Fi network [name], returned error code -3924, retrying
Searching for 3924 yields nothing useful.

  • I've made sure the password is correct: I typed a new password in a text editor, and pasted it from there into the Airport Utility and my wifi connection dialog. Also revealed passwords to make sure no extra characters etc.
  • I've tried the usual tricks on the Airport: restarting the Airport, resetting the Airport to factory defaults,
  • I've tried the usual tricks on the Mac: deleting the network from System Preferences-Network, deleting the password from the Keychain
  • Wireless diagnostics show no other access points on the channels used by the Airport. S/N ratio is good.
  • Airport firmware was recently updated (after the above problems started)
  • I've eliminated my Mac as the source of the problem, 3 other clients (1 Mac, 2 Android phones from different manufacturers) all have the same problem.
  • when I connect my Mac to the Airport via Ethernet, I can access the internet, so there's no problem in the connection between Airport and router.

The Airport is set to be a bridge only. I've got a DSL router with Wifi (a separate SSID from the Airport), which is connected to the Airport via Ethernet. I can connect to the DSL router without a problem. I would like to use the Airport's wifi because it's much faster than that of the DSL router.

Earlier today, I was able to connect briefly, but the connection dropped within 10 minutes, this showed up in the wifi log: Received Deauth from (airport) with Reason 2 I found out "reason 2" means 'Previous authentication no longer valid'

When I set up the Airport to use no security, I can connect without problems and the connection stays up. But I'd rather not run an unsecured network.

How can I fix this?

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