2016 MBP 13-inch 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports running macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6

All of a sudden, my sound isn't working, and using the volume buttons show a mute icon with a stop sign underneath. In my sound preferences, it shows no output or input devices.

Running system_profiler SPAudioDataType in Terminal gives this output:



Sound Preferences showing no output devices found message

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    It appears your audio hardware has failed. First thing would be to run AHT - Apple Hardware Test. Hold D while booting from a powered off state with the AC adapter attached. If no errors, then try in Safe Mode (hold Shift while booting). – Allan Aug 17 '18 at 2:37
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    I shut down my Mac, then turned it on and held down the D key. A list of languages showed up, and I selected English and pressed enter. A progress bar came up and it said Checking your Mac... After it completed, it said that no issues were found. After restarting back into normal mode, it seems to have been resolved and everything is back to normal now. Thank you very much! – Abraham Aug 17 '18 at 2:46
  • restart + D worked for me as well. – Merlin Apr 15 at 15:44
  • This also worked for me (restarting without holding D didn't work). – xji May 12 at 8:06
  • Restarting and doing the hardware test worked for me when a normal restart didn't as well. – Antimony Jul 13 at 0:05

Reboot the computer and hold D to run the Apple Hardware Test. In my case, it said no issues were found, but after rebooting, everything started working again. Based on the comments, many others have had the same experience.

Thanks to Allan for suggesting the hardware test.

  • I don't know how it can but this solved my problem too – Dr. aNdRO Jul 25 at 4:36
  • Lo and behold! It worked! I guess the diagnostic tool will somehow magically correct whatever was messed up in NVRAM which prevents the driver from recognizing the sound chip. – anttix Nov 1 at 15:04

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