So I followed this answer here Merge partitions with Macintosh HD

And I ended formatting my old bootcamp partition into free space. But now I am unable to see the free space anywhere. When I go to disk utility it just says that I am using 200 GB of storage even though I have 256 GB with 50 GB just gone, somewhere.

Diskutil cs list Shows nothing

enter image description here

  • What do you see if you right click your drive and select "Get Info". A window should pop up telling you disk size and space available. – Natsfan Aug 11 '18 at 19:49

Basically you need to enter the following commands in a Terminal application window. The first command removes the OSXRESERVED partition. This partition is for the Windows installation files. The second command expands the disk1 container to consumer the missing free space.

sudo  diskutil  erasevolume  free  none  disk0s3
sudo  diskutil  apfs  resizecontainer  disk0s2  0

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