iCloud Photos for Windows has uploaded more than 25K items, but is now stuck on about 7K items for almost 4 weeks.

I tried disabling and re-enabling Photos sync, restarted, deleted the settings of the sync process and re-entered it... nothing helps.

How can I tell what is making it "hang" for so long? I saw a post from 3 years ago (Photos stopped uploading to iCloud. What can I do?) that shows a way to display the file causing the issue - but it's on Mac.

What can I do?

  • Can you add a link to the post you mentioned?
    – nohillside
    Commented Aug 10, 2018 at 13:35
  • Also, how much free space is there on your iCloud storage?
    – nohillside
    Commented Aug 10, 2018 at 13:35
  • Have the biggest subscription (1/2TB). Link: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/181979/…
    – Guy M
    Commented Aug 10, 2018 at 13:55
  • I've edited the link into the question for you (something you actually can do yourself on AD). And I assume that not the full 500 GB are already used, right?
    – nohillside
    Commented Aug 10, 2018 at 14:16


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