iPhone SE 16GB, latest iOS. Been having this problem for well over a year now. Never have space. Out of "16GB", 11.5GB are currently taken by "system storage". Been reading about the topic here and in different forums and articles and videos every few weeks, tried few suggestions:

  • Syncing with iTunes shows more free space on iTunes, but actually within the device it's still the same
  • Hard restart isn't working at all
  • Completely deleting the content of the iPhone and restoring from iCloud/computer backup also works only in the short term, and very quickly it builds up again.

I offload and reinstall 3-5 apps a day on average, exactly when I need to take pictures there's no space for the camera, and when I want to order Uber I have to offload some other apps so I can reinstall the Uber app, to name a few examples. This is ridiculous.

Did anyone figure something that actually works in solving this?

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    I am not sure there really is an answer to this, the reality is that the reason Apple doesn't sell these phones any more is because the storage is insufficient for their modern OS, if you've tried restoring, the only last option would be restore without using a backup, however frankly 11.5GB isn't an unreasonable amount of space for the OS. – unknowndomain Aug 10 '18 at 20:40

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