I notice that if i run a first-aid scan in the Disk Utility app on what's known as "Container disk1", it shows a mounted volume called "VM". To my understanding, VM stands for "VirtualMemory" and its a volume that is mounted but hidden in the Finder; it shows up in the Disk Utility app as an amount of storage of 'Container disk1' and doesnt show itself mounted(https://i.imgur.com/O7A8wEB.png). But ive seem to notice every time after a first-aid scan is finished preforming on 'Container disk1' it shows VM mounted in the Finder; restarting my MacBook makes VM hidden again. Here are the steps i used to produce this:

1) restart MacBook into normal boot mode(even if already on)

2) after restart open the Disk Utility app and select 'Show All Devices' in View

3) select 'Container disk1' and run a first-aid scan on the container disk

4) open "/Volumes" path in the Finder after first-aid is finished

Im unsure if this is expected behavior of the first-aid scan on the 'Container disk1' and im unable to test it out on another MacBook as i only have the one. Is this expected/normal behavior? Can anyone else test this out for me to see if VM also shows itself mounted after running first-aid on 'Container disk1'?

  • Did you ever use Disk Utility debug menu as show here to show other partitions? – Trellis Aug 9 '18 at 2:20
  • @Trellis from my understanding, Disk Utility doesnt have the debug menu anymore, especially in High Sierra – no nope Aug 9 '18 at 3:37

this is normal behavior of the new APFS format as scanning the container disk will show the VM volume in the finder as it's scanned

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