I have an app that hasn't had the ratings on it reset in almost a year. During that time it has accumulated a large amount of healthy 5 star ratings/reviews. However, the top review that shows on the app store product listing is a 1-star lengthy review. This 1-star review was at one time a 5-star and managed to accumulate enough "Helpful" votes to land it's way to the top of the reviews for the app. In a stroke of what I see as bad luck, the owner of this top review changed their rating to 1-star. So now when you visit the app page, you see this 1-star review. I am now trying to figure out a way to remove it. Reporting it does not do anything.

So my question, if I reset the rating when I submit a new update, will it also reset the top "Most Helpful" reviews?

  • What did you find out? – Primož Kralj Mar 18 at 14:47
  • In the end, I ended up NOT resetting the rating. I would imagine doing so would not remove the top rating since it is across all versions of the app. I ended up repeatedly reporting the "most helpful" review until they eventually removed it. I typed up a fairly long removal request. I made sure to be thorough and present a case as to why it should be removed and then they accepted my appeal. – AcidicSkittles Mar 19 at 16:37

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