I can do this with a photo taken with my iPhone

  1. Import into the desktop Photos app

  2. Export the file with Location Information checked

  3. Open the image in Preview

  4. Open the Inspector (Tools\Show Inspector)

  5. Goto the GPS tab on the inspector

And it shows an Apple map with a pin dropped where the location of the image was taken.

However if I do the equivalent with an mv4 movie1 ending up in Quicktime Player I get to step 5 and I see the Apple map of the surrounding area, but no pin dropped at the location - even though the GPS data is there and valid, and the map is centered on where the pin would be located.

Is there someway to enable dropping a pin automatically when looking at GPS data via Quicktime?

This is in High Sierra 10.13.6

  1. Substitute the Quicktime Player's Windows\Movie Inspector for Preview's Tools\Show Inspector

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