I was looking some ways to customise my mac, and I saw a way to change lock seer wallpaper by keeping the same name "com.apple.desktop.admin.png" as of the automated lock screen wallpaper enter image description here

When i opened my mac after shutdown When i opened my mac after shutdown

enter image description here I got that blurred image after i closed my mac's flap or lid and even by pressing sleep in the apple menu, how can I change it also?


The best way to fix it instead of going through your cache is to use a free utility called Onyx.

It will enable you to change it very easily to whichever photo you like! OnyxLoginbackgroundchange


I that blurred image is just the desktop image, so if you set that to what you want under System Preferences > Desktop and Screensaver it will appear as you want (blurred.)

In Mojave they stopped the blurring (from what I can tell)

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