I'm trying to attach some files, shared with me in Google Drive, to an email by using my iPad.

It looks like I can not find that files when searching them from the dialog it is shown to select the files to attach. There is no problem if the files that I want to attach are from my Google Drive (instead of shared with me).

It looks to happen the same when I try to make that search from the ios Files app directly. Of course, if I try to make the same search from Drive app, I can find all files and open them.

Please note that all apps and iOS are up to date, and I have only one Gmail account set up on the Drive app.

I'm not sure if that problem id due to a misconfiguration or a limitation of the Apple Files app. In that case, is there a workaround to make me able to attach multiple files shared with me through Google Drive? Probably a workaround could be to copy that shared files to my private Drive or to store them locally on my iPad, but because they are dynamic files, I could not consider that as a solution.

With my old iPad (not using Files app to make the file selection when attaching files) that was not a problem, and I could do that with any problem.

PD. I'm using Apple's Mail.app, not Gmail.app.

  • Are you using Google's Gmail.app, or Apple's Mail.app? In Gmail.app I'm able to browse my Google Drive to attach any number of files using the Attach (paperclip) method. Conversely, I'm able to select a document in Google's Drive.app and open it as an attachment in Gmail.app. – IconDaemon Aug 2 '18 at 11:50
  • I'm using Apple's Mail.app, not Gmail's one. Thank you anyway. Not the best for my case, but probably if there are any other solution, I will try to switch to Gmail.app – xarmengol Aug 2 '18 at 12:33
  • Personally, I tried to use Apple's Mail.app with the assortment of Gmail addresses I maintain, but Google's Gmail.app handles these accounts much better. – IconDaemon Aug 2 '18 at 17:37

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