I'm now using iCloud on OSX 10.12.

Many folders and files (for example on my Desktop, etc.) are no more physically present on my hard drive, they have been pushed to the cloud.

I have two questions.

1) Disabling iCloud and getting back all the uploaded files

How does it work if I disable iCloud on the Mac (if I "unsubscribe from iCloud" in a way)? Will all my file be downloaded back to the hard drive?

2) Disable this feature: I wan't my file on iCloud to always be present on my computer

Is it possible to still use iCloud on my Mac for instance but to ensure that all the files in my "iCloud folders" are always physically present on the hard drive?


If you sign out of iCloud, you will be given the option to keep a copy of your iCloud data on your Mac before signing out. Otherwise, the iCloud data will be removed from your Mac, but will still be available on other devices using iCloud.

The System Preferences has a iCloud pane. Next to the iCloud drive check box on this pane is an Options.. button. Clicking on the button produces a popup pane with an Optimize Mac Storage check box. If you uncheck Optimize Mac Storage, then all iCloud documents will be downloaded to your Mac. (Provided enough space is available.)

Normally, Optimize Mac Storage is checked off. This means the full contents of the iCloud drive will be stored on your Mac if you have enough space. Older Documents will be stored in iCloud when space is needed.

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