I just discovered how to change fonts and add colors to Notes by using command T. How can I change fonts and add colors to Contacts? (Conmmand T does not work for Contacts).


The Contacts app uses the system font. To change font or font size in Contacts.app, you must change it for your whole system. There is a way to change the system font from San Francisco font to Lucida Grande font which may be more appealing to you. There is a small app that lets you pick between San Francisco and Lucida Grande fonts for your system. This web page provides a link to the application or you can go straight to it here.

  • And to expand a bit there is no supported, built-in way to change fonts/colors of the fields or text within the Address Book.app. The closest I have ever come to this is to add an emoji or two after the company or person's last name. But changing the system font changes EVERY app that uses the system font on the Mac. Not something I would generally recommend. – Steve Chambers Jul 28 '18 at 0:07

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