I have a home VPN set up (OS X's native L2TP/IPsec on a 10.13 machine). I appreciate that the recommended way to start this would be via launchctl but, accepting that I invoked vpnd directly:

sudo /usr/sbin/vpnd -d -i com.apple.ppp.l2tp

What command would stop the server? The man page for vpnd does not provide information on how to halt the server.

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Two Ways to Kill a Process (sung to the tune of "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover")

First Way:

  1. Launch Activity Monitor
  2. Locate the daemon/process you want to halt (vpnd in this case), and select it (white letters on blue field)
  3. Click the x button in the ULHC, Force a process to quit
  4. Confirm by clicking Quit, or Force Quit if it's stubborn :)

Second Way: If you're keen on the command line, why not use kill? see man kill

  1. Get the PID for your daemon vpnd: ps -ax | grep vpnd,
  2. kill PID (where PID of course is the actual PID number)

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