I need help with adding Xcode Simulator screen shots to the Apple Product Images. Here's an iPhone X example:

  • Open the Xcode Simulator (Device > iOS 11.4 > iPhone X)
  • Under Debug uncheck "Optimize Rendering for Window Size"
  • Take a screen shot (Command+S)
  • The screen shot document dimensions are 1125 x 2436 (72 ppi)
  • Open the screenshot in Photoshop
  • Download the iPhone X Artwork from Apple Product Images
  • Unzip iPhone-X.zip
  • Open iPhone-X-Silver.psd in Photoshop
  • Double-click the "screen" layer's Embedded Smart Object ("iPhoneX_Homescreen_Vert.psb")
  • The "iPhoneX_Homescreen_Vert.psb" document dimensions are 9000 x 19488 (576 ppi)
  • Duplicate the screenshot to the "iPhoneX_Homescreen_Vert.psb" document
  • Laugh at how hilariously small the screen shot is (top left):

enter image description here

Is there a way to take Xcode Simulator screen shots that will match the iPhone X 576 ppi? Or should I just resize the .psd and .psb to 72 ppi? Or is there another solution to this?

  • I would just say resize it. – JBis Jul 26 '18 at 20:18

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