This is kind of an addendum to APFS/High Sierra - `tmutil deletelocalsnapshots` not deleting snapshots as I've discovered a new quirk in tmutil

My snapshots all have am or pm appended. I have no idea why & no-one else seems to have this from what research I've done.

This gives a new problem...

TetsMac:~ glee$ tmutil listlocalsnapshots /
com.apple.TimeMachine.2018-07-26-93812 am (dataless)
TetsMac:~ glee$ tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2018-07-26-93812
Error parsing argument 2018-07-26-93812
TetsMac:~ glee$ tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2018-07-26-93812 am
Usage: tmutil deletelocalsnapshots <snapshot_date>

It can't find it if you leave the am/pm off & it thinks the format is wrong if you add it.

What else can be done to delete this errant snapshot?


I discovered, after hints on the linked thread, that quotes will do it...

TetsMac:~ glee$ tmutil deletelocalsnapshots "2018-07-26-93812 am"
Deleted local snapshot '2018-07-26-93812 am'
TetsMac:~ glee$ tmutil listlocalsnapshots /
TetsMac:~ glee$ 

& it's finally gone.

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