I normally switch around my virtual desktops using the ctrl+num. Now, Exposé shows all the desktops and the fullscreen app whereupon clicking the fullscreen app rectangle will take me back to it. I'd rather do so via keyboard nav. cmd+tab doesn't work for me because I'm doing this with VMware where I have multiple windows open, one is fullscreen, others are not. cmd+tab seems to land me on whatever VMware window it randomly chooses.


You can configure these shortcuts in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Mission Control

I think the default is control-option-left/right arrow, at least that's what I have it set to.

In mission control, you can also re-order the position of the desktops/full screen apps by dragging them around. I think by default they're ordered by most-recently used desktop, but you can change that (I can't remember how, that would be a separate question anyway).


By default it's Command+Control+F.

However, it doesn't work in all apps. Some don't do full screen and some pre-Lion apps retain their original full-screen keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Command-Shift-F in Firefox).

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    The OP is looking for a way to switch to an app running in fullscreen mode, not to enable/disable it. – nohillside Jun 10 '12 at 20:02

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