The display of my old iPhone 6s broke yesterday. I want to repair it by myself.

I've found many displays that can be bought on the internet but with a price of 30€ I don't think that these are original Apple Components.

Does anyone know if theres a way to get an original iPhone display without bringing the device to an appleStore?


You could buy a new (obviously) or used (probably this you want) iPhone and scrap it for parts (i.e. the original iPhone display).


You can get high quality replacement screens from several reputable vendors (not Amazon or eBay). These usually contain an original Apple LCD with a copy glass on top. The various innards, such as backlight, touchscreen, flexes etc. will vary from original to copy depending on the supplier. You also want a replacement screen that was assembled with a cold-glue process (like Apple does) as opposed to a hot-glue process (yes, THAT hot glue!).

Of course, if you want a true original screen, then the options are Apple Store or buy a used device. However, keep in mind that the used device you buy may also have an aftermarket screen as probably 25% of phones suffer screen damage at some point in their life.

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