What is the best way to connect external display (3840 x 2160, 27") to MBPro 13" 2018? It only has 4 USB-C ports, so we have to use adapters.

Which is better, USB-C - HDMI or USB-C - DisplayPort? I reckon HDMI has troubles with FPS on Macbook Pro?

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According to this discussion, it's recommended to go with Display Port.

Quoting from the answer:

So, the question is actually: "Which would work better? Display Port to HDMI or Display Port to Display Port?"

Personally, I don't like converting signals from one to the next - I would go with a Display Port adapter and keep everything the same end-to-end. The less you have to convert, the less overhead and the less compatibility issues.

Credit to @Allan for the original answer.


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