It's been nearly 1yr & 6 months since I bought my MacBook 13" 2015 retina. Now, the battery only holds 57% of its original capacity. Number of charge cycles is 234. This battery can hold only 2 - 3 hours.

Is this normal? I have no any warranty now.

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Try remembering your usage of the battery. Is it always plugged with the AC charger? How many times did you go from 100% to 0? Did you leave it discharged for a long time? This all cuts down you battery life despite having only 200+ cycles.

You can though try a calibration procedure. Charge you MacBook to 100% and stay plugged for 2-3 hours. Then use it as usual and let it go to 0. Leave it for 5-6 hours discharged (overnight probably) and then charge back to 100%. You will see change in you battery life mAh. If you had never done this before, probably you would like to do this 2 times. It is recommended to do this procedure once in one-two months.

You may track how you battery behaves by entering in terminal the following code:

pmset -g rawlog

It will show current charge, current battery life, design battery life, drain, remaining charging/discharging time etc.


I’ve seen this happen before, it may be time to start looking at replacements and repairs!

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