I want to dual or triple boot an older MacBook. To partition, I can do that from the Mac OS itself? What partition scheme would I want, generally speaking. There are two GB of RAM. I want at least Lubuntu and Bodhi Linux on there as well as MAC OS.

Do I need to figure out swap, etc? Or, can I just have three partitions:

  1. Mac
  2. Lubuntu
  3. Bodhi

divided more or less equally? Dual boot would be sufficient.

Rod's book says:

In this example, the Ubuntu tag is selected. You can move the selection left by pressing the left arrow key and right by pressing the right arrow key. If your system has many boot loaders, an arrow icon will appear to the right and/or left of the boot loader list, indicating that the boot loader list will scroll when you move off the edge. (Such an arrow is visible to the right in the sample screen.) You can scroll the list by one line full of icons by using the Page Up or Page Down keys to move left and right, respectively. Moving past the final selection or using the down arrow key moves the selection to the second row of small tags, which launch ancillary programs or perform special actions. If you've moved the selection cursor to the second row, pressing the up arrow key or scrolling past the left edge of the second row moves the cursor to the top row. In this figure, these eight tags are present:

Launch the EFI shell
Launch the tool to partition a disk (gptsync or gdisk)
Launch a memory-testing utility
Launch a tool to edit Secure Boot keys (MokManager, HashTool, or KeyTool)
Launch a Windows recovery utility
Produce an information page
Reboot the computer
Exit from rEFInd

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