In the application I write in (Ableton Live), there are always several floating windows open. ("Floating" in the OSX sense: ^F6 toggles through them).

I use them so often that I need a way to tile them, so that they maximize screen space.

The issue is that they're always different sizes, so their dimensions would have to be detected in order to be properly tiled.

I've looked many places and no luck. Mosaic, Divvy etc only work with regular windows, not floating windows. There must be a solution somewhere.

Would LOVE some help on this!

Regards, Nathan


First off, this assumes you're talking about panels (e.g. Preview's Info window), the kind that sometimes hide when you switch to a different app.

Also, do you want to tile all your windows, or only some of them?

If you want to tile all of them, Amethyst is a good solution. It's open source; I don't know if it supports those panels, but it should be possible to add support if it doesn't.

If you only want to mess with a few of your windows, Spectacle is better. It's also open source, and does seem to support panels.

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