I have setup IKEA Tradfri lights. I have the bridge and set everything up in HomeKit. I have a bunch of different scenes and automations.

One automation triggers a scene which sets the brightness and color temperature of the lights when the sun is rising. The scene looks like this in the Non-Apple Home.app.

Scene Scree Capture

The problem is, sometimes the lights get turned on with this scene, which should not happen. I can't clearly see a pattern, which light will be affected. Usually I would say, it is the last light, which was on, for example, a at night dimmed light in the hallway.

Is this a known bug or is something setup wrong? What are my options to troubleshoot?

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    You say the lights get "turned on." They're all set to 80% brightness which means "they're turned on to 80% brighness." Do you mean the brightness setting isn't working (i.e. they're turning on at 100% not 80% as programmed)? Secondly, you need to continue diagnosing - confirm whether or not it's the "last light" as you surmised. Remember, we're not there and can't do the testing for you.
    – Allan
    Jul 11, 2018 at 10:51
  • No, setting the brightness to 80% does not mean turn on the lights! This is possible to set up with different HomeKit Apps and a officially support feature. It is just not available to set up in Apple own Home.app. If I turn on the scene manually, everything works as aspected. Jul 11, 2018 at 17:15


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