I am writing a Pages document where I am trying to insert images periodically at the current text cursor position. This is because I sometimes write some text, and want to put a relevant image directly after this text, but I am having difficulty doing so. Here is what I have tried:

  1. Dragging and dropping the image from the Finder into the document when the cursor is in the desired target location for the image,
  2. Pressing the "Media" icon in the Pages toolbar with my cursor in the position I want to image to go in, and
  3. Pasting the image at the desired location in the document.

In all three scenarios, the image gets placed randomly somewhere other than where I want it to go in the document. I have to change its Object Placement setting to Move with Text, the Text Wrap setting to Inline with Text, cut the image, navigate back to my original cursor location (which gets lost when having to select and cut the image), and then paste it.

Clearly this process is rather tedious, especially when you have to do this multiple times. In comparison, Microsoft Word seems to place the image at the cursor location whenever you drag an image onto a document, which is specifically the behavior I am after.

Is there a way to obtain this behavior in Pages?

I am using Pages 7.1 on macOS High Sierra.

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