My iPhone says "press home to restart" but my home button is broken so there is no way to press home.

I can't use the answers in How do you activate an iPhone with broken home button iOS 10 as my iPhone isn't linked to my computer, and I can't activate Assistive Touch.

How can I activate my iPhone nevertheless?


Get the phone fixed, or buy a new one.


I do not know what you mean by "[…] my home button is broken […]". You also did not state which iPhone model you are using.

So I assume "broken" means "stuck".

A friend of mine helped me with a stuck Home button. This is how to clean the stuck Home button with care:

  • make a backup first (does not apply to you, because you can't activate it.)
  • shut it down completely & take out the SIM card
  • Wait about 30minutes for all capacitors to loose their load
  • take isopropanol (90% medical alcohol)
  • take a q-tip, wet it with the isopropanol (don't sniff - you know, don't drink and repair expensive technical equipment :-) )
  • use the wet q-tip carefully around the Home button, try to press it slightly and clean the edge/border with it multiple times for at least 5mins. Don't drown the iPhone!
  • if the alcohol has crept in all cracks around the Home button, continously press and release the Home button at least 50 times, unless you feel it working smooth again.
  • put the iPhone away for at least 3h, let the alcohol dry out.
  • put the SIM card back in.
  • power up and have fun.

I hope that helps!


Believe it or not, this is easy.

You must have access to a mac and the right cable for your phone

With the phone at the setup welcome screen, you plug the phone in and iTunes should pop up. Open the Summary page for the device, and scroll to the Options section at the bottom. Select "Configure Accessibility", and turn on Voice Over.

Now you can double-tap on the "press home" text to voice-over-select it, then when you tap again, it enters it taking you to the next screen.

All the screens after the first one work without the home button so you can turn Voice Over off now and get to work.

Don't forget to turn on the Accessibility touch work-around from Settings as soon as you can! Good luck

Credit for Scott from https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/303020/288316

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