I want a native (and therefore free) way to speed up a specific animation. My research covers these questions and links on this that have gone unsolved for High Sierra and no answers there cover this natively.

What used to work, defaults write com.apple.dock expose-animation-duration -float 0.1 does not work, and has been confirmed to not work by myself (as well as many of the above comments and posts).

People tend to get referred here, which only offers a paid program as a solution. I have searched and searched for a free solution, none found. Any hints, help, open source mission control replacements, anything? This thing is slow enough my workflow is getting hampered (I'll switch back and fourth a lot comparing data).

I'm really hopeful for some guru who can figure this out. How can we implement this for free?

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    In general, I vote to close questions where the "ask" is "I want this software, but free" since it's really just a special case of the general solution and cost makes these shopping questions. (I also dislike the idea that someone clever / persistent enough to figure out a stable solution shouldn't be paid well for their work), however this has superb research and there is merit in having an open question in case someone wants to donate all their time and provide a free solution. – bmike Jul 7 '18 at 0:46
  • In this case, I would love to use TotalSpaces, but I can't use it on my corporate Macbook. Totalspaces requires you to turn off system integrity protections which I can't do unfortunately due to it being password-locked by IT admin – richizy Sep 12 '18 at 17:26

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