I have an HomePod and I want to listen Radio in iTunes on morning. So far it's not possible to set an alarm using a playlist or a radio in the HomePod settings.

So I decided to use iTunes on my Mac applescript in calendar (to launch it every day).

I found a way to target the HomePod using this command in AppleScript :

tell Application "iTunes"
 set current Airplay devices to Airplay device "kitchen"
End tell 

My problem is the radio. There is a Radio section in iTunes where you can find Beats 1 but other radios selected by Apple. I want to play one of this radio.

I try many ways but couldn't find a nice way to do it...

I tried :

 play track myRadio of playlist myRadio

or source myRadio" play myRadio

Nothing work.. I would like to know how to access the Radio section in iTunes. Which is a spacial kind of section.

I found away to do it but It's not reliable :

open url (and use the radio Url from iTunes)

Using the script I was able to get the object's information :

 get name of current track
 --> "Name of currently payed track iTunes selected"
 get name of current playlist
 --> "Name of my radio station"


  • Did you want it to play a random radio station or just a specific one? – chrisjr Jul 6 '18 at 23:13

Try this:

open location "itmss://itunes.apple.com/us/station/listen-in-apple-music/idra.686227433?cmd=AddStation"

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