this lately, i just accidentally broke and smashed my iphone and the screen was shattered, the ribbon of home button and the lcd also the 3g front camera was snapped. I decide to buy some replacement for these part and install them. After i get the parts and firstly i check for the iphone whether it still alive or not, i connect the iphone to the itunes and i found the iTunes detected my device but i cant access because it need to unlock first. so i tried to connect the LCD and i found that the LCD was black and didnt have any visual. i wonder is it damage from the new LCD it self or it was from the logic board it self? i was worried if i get the new lcd and it still didnt work. i also try to put my simcard and the iphone still can receive the call, is this really means that my phone still can be saved? (plus, when i on the phone and connect to the itunes without lcd screen, i found the panel on upper side which sit directly under the lcd socket was little bit warm, is it normal?)

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Here is our overall answer how to revive a phone that is frozen and you can’t operate the screen, can’t turn it off or can’t turn it on.

Once you’ve exhausted these steps, you will need to repair the part that’s not working and if you’ve repaired the screen already, it might be a more costly piece or a cable that’s failed.

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