Whenever I connect my iPad (non-cellular / wifi-only version, so no sim card and no mobile data connection) to my Mac over USB, I get a dialogue box stating that a new network connection iPad-USB has been found and asking whether I want to configure it. I realize that it in principle is for using the iOS device as mobile hotspot, but with this iPad model it's not even possible to use it as a hotspot. Why does macOS bring up the dialogue nevertheless?

I would like to prevent this dialogue box from appearing each time I connect the iPad to the Mac. I had the same issue with the iPhone, where I resolved it by activating the mobile hotspot in the system preferences on the iPhone (mobile data section), configuring the network connection iPhone-USB on the Mac, and then deactiving this network connection. With the iPad, this strategy does not work: I can not activate mobile hotspot on this iPad (there's no mobile data section in the system preferences), and I don't even see the iPad-USB interface as an option when trying to add a new network connection in the Mac's network preferences. Yet the dialogue box that appears on connecting is stating just that.

In case it matters, the system details are: iPad Pro 2015 (12.9'') with iOS 11.2.5, MacBook Pro 2017 with macOS 10.13.5.

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