How can I set Firefox as the default client for ftp:// links? At the moment default client for ftp:// is Finder, which I don't like.

I found a similar question, which is 7 years old and the solutions don't work anymore.


There's a free application called RCDefault App that allows you to set the default application for different protocols, file handlers, etc.

For example, for FTP, I can set whatever application I choose to handle that protocol...

enter image description here

Installation is extremly easy. Once you download and open the DMG, simply copy the file to either /Library/PreferencePanes or ~/Library/PreferencePanes (if you only want it accessible to your user profile)

After it's copied, open the application up from System Preferences and you can start customizing.

enter image description here

It hasn't been updated in a long time, but I just verified that it works on High Sierra.

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