I usually record my iPhone screen just fine in iOS 10. But ever since I upgraded to iOS 11, apart from how slow and hot my iPhone 6 plus become, I notice it's getting harder and harder for Quicktime to record video and audio from my phone. Particularly, the audio. I can select my phone from the camera source dropdown menu, and the Quicktime reflect my phone screen (with audio set to mac's internal microphone). But when I select microphone source to also coming from my phone, the Quicktime hangs up. At first, it hangs up 20% all the time. But right now, it hangs up almost every time. I can't even just try to record audio only using my phone as a audio source. Sometimes after I tried several times, my phone disappears from the list of camera and microphone source. The only way to fix this is by restarting my phone, as disconnect and reconnect the lightning cable cannot solve the issue. If I only select the video, Quicktime can records fine. Can somebody helps to solve this problem?

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