I am using a macbook with two external monitors. Frequently, I lock the computer, my windows are on a different screen then when the computer was locked.

For example:

  • Open PyCharm on monitor #1
  • Open Chrome, iTerm2, etc on monitor #2
  • Lock computer
  • (Maybe wait for a few minutes?)
  • Unlock computer
  • Windows are now randomly distributed. This may mean any of the following:

    • Windows are reversed - PyCharm is now on monitor #2 and everything else is on monitor #1
    • All windows are on monitor #1
    • All windows are on monitor #2

There seem to be multiple variants of this problem. It seems to occur both when the lid of the laptop is open and when it is closed. I haven't used the computer with a single external monitor, so not sure if the issue occurs then. One related issue is that sometimes it will not recognize one or both of the monitors and I need to unplug/replug the monitor to allow the computer to recognize the monitor.

Info on my system:

enter image description here

And monitors:

enter image description here

(Maybe related) Mission Control:

enter image description here


I had the same issue and changing the cables / adapters fixed it. My 2 monitors were plugged through an hdmi-hdmi cable going in an hdmi-usbc adapter. Changing one of these to an hdmi-usbc cable fixed the problem.

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