Heading says it all really. I have lots of windows open, belonging to lots of apps. Sometimes when working in one app I click on one of the windows of another app, and that window becomes the active window, but all of the app’s other windows are still hidden!

Is there a way for me to automatically hide all windows from all apps when I click on the window of one app?

Here is an example of what I mean:

  • I have five TextEdit windows open in various locations on screen
  • I’m currently using Safari and only one of the TextEdit windows is partly visible
  • I want to navigate to the TextEdit window from Safari and somehow automatically hide all other apps in one process

BTW, I know I can use the OPTION+COMMAND+H shortcut once I have made the other app’s window active, but I was hoping there was some way to do this as part of the navigation.

Can this be done?


Assuming I understand your question correctly, you can do exactly what you want by holding the optioncommand keys down as you click on the window.

Also, if you just want to hide the last app (i.e. not all other apps) you can just hold down the option key while you click on the other window.


You could activate the Single Application Mode. Here's what it does:

  • you have five TextEdit windows open in various locations on screen
  • you're currently using Safari
  • you navigate to the TextEdit window that's in the background by clicking it's icon in the dock
  • all other apps will be hidden automatically

You can activate Single Application Mode by opening /Applications/Terminal, then simple copy the following command:

defaults write com.apple.dock single-app -bool true; killall Dock

To reverse this behaviour, simply replace true with false.

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