I am trying to restrict access to websites on an iPad, but the domain that I wish to allow has embedded youtube videos that will not work. Is there a way to allow only the embedded videos to work, and not having to open up the entirety of youtube?

I tried allowing www.youtube.com/embed/ but that made youtube unrestricted.


Your title and body seem to be asking slightly different questions.

  • Subdomains are distinct in restrictions. That is, a.example.com and b.example.com are distinct, and a restriction on one does not affect the other.

    Furthermore, subdomain restrictions override domain restrictions, such that if example.com is blocked but a.example.com is unblocked, then a.example.com will remain unblocked but b.example.com will be blocked.

  • Paths (a.k.a. URL prefixes) are not distinct. That is, example.com and example.com/a are both regarded as example.com. It's not possible to use iOS restrictions to independently block or unblock just one of these.


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