I did a force quite of open applications to update some apps on my Macbook Pro. I forgot to save a word document which I'd been working on earlier in the day so had lost all the work I'd done on it.

Reopening it, I thought possibly the Time Machine hourly backup might have saved the desktop, and document, whilst open. So I looked and it showed a time from earlier so I clicked on that time and asked for a restore. (I must mention the external hard drive that I backup Time Machine to was not connected when I clicked restore).

It did the restore and then when it reopened, all the previous files on my desktop were gone and a new wallpaper picture appeared onscreen. I jumped onto iCloud where I have Desktop and Documents enabled but strangely only about 7 files are backed up in iCloud. (There were about 20 files on my desktop).

Does anyone have any idea what happened? And how can I recover the desktop from before the restore?

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