Is there a widget for turning on and off Wi-Fi? I have to open up the settings and go to Wi-Fi to switch it off. For me, this is annoying and unacceptable. Just can't live with it.

I know:

  • What the Wi-Fi button on Control Center does
  • Control Center's behaviour has changed since iOS 11 update
  • How to turn off Wi-Fi from the Settings app

I just want quick access to WiFi toggle like on Android.


iOS apps cannot control Wi-Fi, so it is not possible for an app to provide a Today widget to change the Wi-Fi power.

If your device is jailbroken, you can install RealCC, which makes the toggles in Control Center for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control the power rather than connections.

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Unless your device is jailbroken this is not possible. If your device has Siri enabled you can ask Siri to enable/disable WiFi but that's about it.

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