I've searched relentlessly for a solution but to no avail. The issues is that I bought some expensive Bose Quiet 35 Bluetooth headphones to use with my iPhone 4. The iPhone is an older model and I only use it as a MP3 player. The problem is that occasionally the music stops and I have to swipe up on the home screen, where Airplay is selected and the bluetooth headphone is not selected. I have to re-select the headphone for bluetooth playback to resume. After 5 minutes the music stops and and I have to go back and re-select headphone. This completely destroys the listening experience. What is odd that if I reboot the phone sometimes it helps and airplay doesn't interrupt anymore. But after a while the issue returns. Rebooting doesn't always work.

Also, when airplay interrupts and I do nothing after a few seconds playback on bluetooth resumes. Very irritating. This is an issue with the iPhone because the same happens with my car bluetooth too.

At first I thought maybe other Mac devices (iMacs and MacBooks) were trying to connect or a passing car with an Apple device triggered the airplay interruption.

It is a completely frustrating mystery. I even tried wiping the iPhone and resetting. The problem disappeared for a while but then returned.

I've also searched everywhere to see if there was a way to totally kill the airplay option on the iPhone but haven't found one.

I even tried to jailbreak the iPhone in hope that maybe a Cydia app could do this. But due to this particular model I wasn't able to get the jailbreaking software to work.

  • Welcome to Ask Different! :) Can we assume from your statement that you've searched everywhere to see if there was a way to totally kill the airplay option on the iPhone that you don't need this iPhone to be able to use Airplay? Also, what version of iOS have you got installed on the iPhone? Finally, since this iPhone is only being used as an MP3 player, do you have any 3rd party apps installed, or is it just stock standard? – Monomeeth Jun 14 '18 at 4:29

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