iOS 11 adds a “Share WiFi with Friends” feature. You fire up WiFi, attempt to connect to a new WiFi network, but you don’t know the password. You bring your phone/iPad next to your friend, his iPhone/iPad pops up a window asking if he would like to transmit the password. He taps “send” and boom, you have a password. Quickly and without typing, you’re connected!

Okay. Neat feature. BUT it only works if the “donor” has the “recipient” in his contacts. (Or maybe they must both be in each other’s contacts, docs do not make this clear).

What counts as being “in your contacts”? I assume the “donor” must have an email or phone number for the “recipient,” but which ones are valid? Can I use any email listed in Settings -> AppleID -> Name, Phone Numbers, Email? Is only the primary (logon) iCloud email valid? Or must I and my friend use phone numbers?

BONUS Question Does this feature depend on airdrop or being enabled? What about Handoff? Is there a setting a security conscious person might disable in settings that would keep “share WiFi” from working (other than fully disabling Bluetooth)? Thanks!

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